What Is Geo caching?

Geo caching started in May of 2000, from that first Cache it has exploded into an international Pastime. Today ten years later there are well over a million Caches around the world. Geocaching has become an integral part of many Family Vacations.

If you have not had the opportunity to try this game you have every right to ask “What is Geocaching”. Let’s take a few minutes to give a basic idea of what this GPS game is all about. You start out by having a GPS receiver. This will be a handheld unit that you can carry on short hikes to find a cache. A couple of the most common makers are Garmin and Magellan.

A GPS reads satellite signals from several different satellites. It often reads seven or more satellites at one time. By doing this it tells you where you are standing on the earth.

Now put in the location of a cache that someone has hidden. You can follow your GPS from your current position right to the hidden cache.

Geocaching is a high tech game of hide and seek. You are a treasure hunter. Geo caching is played by one person hiding a waterproof container, often Tupperware. In this container are placed a log book for you to sign, and many small tradable items. You may carry some geoswag to trade or you may just want to find and hide caches.

How do you know where the caches are located? The person hiding a cache goes to the website Geocache.com (most commonly used site) and uploads the coordinates of the cache, gives a description of the hidden container and any hints they feel are needed to spot the hidden container. After getting this information you go out and find the cache. Come back and log your find in on the website, leaving a brief description of how the search went for you.Phyllis and I hunt for the pleasure of getting out doors. We have found locations of historic significance, local art galleries, a redwood grove that we had no idea existed. On this site we are putting the coordinates of some of our local caches into suggested day trips you can take with your family. The caches will take you to great views, fire lookouts, natural history locations, and some of the fifty local lakes that we enjoy around our area. Join in on this fun family vacation activity.

"gps games" -One of the fastest growing GPS games is Geocaching.

"GPS Kids" -Do you have GPS Kids? Would they love to go on a GPS Treasure hunt with you? How far do you have to travel to find a geo cache?

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"Geocaching Containers" -What are the best Geocaching containers? Are you planning to hide some of your own geo caches? Here are a few of the containers that we have run across in our adventures, and how they were hidden.

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