Playing GPS Games.

Gps Games are exploding all over the internet.

Geocaching is a easy game to start with, the game of Benchmarking will probably be much more challenging. Geocaching seems to be the most popular game played with a GPS.

What I found interesting as I researched some of the different games you can play with a GPSr (the r is for receiver I was confused at first) is that Geocaching is somewhat based on a 150 year old game called letterboxing.

Letterboxing started in 1854 in or on Dart Moor England; it wasn’t until the 1970s that the game became very popular. The name letter boxing came from the practice of leaving postcards addressed to yourself or a friend in the hidden letterbox. A finder would take the postcards and mail them. Later as it became more popular logbooks were left in the letterboxes and players have an original stamp that they stamp the log with when they make a find, and then use the letterboxes own stamp to stamp their personal log. Proving they made the find.

There is a very easy to find cache located very close to this cobblestone chimney. It is also located quite close to Bassetts station. A good place for lunch and probably the best milkshake in the area.

Wherigo is a web based GPS game developed by some of the principals of In this game you download a game cartridge. The designer may send you off on a tour of a historic area giving you progressive clues taking you to points of interest. Maybe it is a scavenger hunt, or ??? Whatever you can think up to design for other players. This is more of a virtual game and does not have hidden caches.

Geodashing is another game you can play. Geodashing is a worldwide game that is played individually or in teams. A computer selects random Geodash points around the world. You follow the GPS to the waypoint take a picture or get enough description of the area to prove that you were there. You go back online and enter the find. The person or team that finds the most points during the game is declared the winner. There are no prizes other than getting the find and the pleasure of being out in the great outdoors.

Benchmarking; For this one go to they have written a very extensive FAQ that tells you about the game and how to use your gps to find benchmarks. This is really more than a game as you find survey points that may not have been located for many years. I think this is a very interesting one but have not tried it yet. It is probably a really fun activity for those that enjoy a real challenge.

To find more games just go online and search the term GPS Games. I even found one game for GPS poker. It seems most are virtual games with no hidden container, or are asking you to find a building, something in a park, that sort of find that you record according to the game rules.

Isn’t this technical age an amazing thing? Without the web none of these GPS games would work. One electronic device so the whole world can play games together.

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