GPS Kids, from One to a Hundred and One

Do you have some GPS Kids? Would they love to go out on a GPS Treasure hunt? How far do you have to travel to find a geo cache? Take an hour take a day to go on a GPS hunt. What you find, and what you see can bring great rewards to your family.

It matters little what your age is, many grandparents bring their grand children with them camping. Do you have a handheld GPS? It is really easy to start geocaching. There are over 300 geo cache locations within a twenty mile radius of Movin’ West RV Park. Or maybe you live in a city or town; I’ll bet that there is at least one within a mile of your home.

The picture to your right is some of our GPS kids on a GPS treasure hunt. They were able to find this cache less than a mile from our Park. It is located over by the Graeagle Mill Pond. These are the three treasures that they took from the Geo cache. They left three other geo swag items of like value for others to find.

Geo caches come in all sizes, micros so small that you really have to look, we have found little button size magnets, then the standard size that can contain some treasures. You never quite know what you are going to find. The larger caches usually contain Small toys, a log book so you can sign in your user name to show you found the cache. You as the finders, and this is the part the kids really love, take one of the treasures you find in the cache. Now here is the catch you brought something along to trade and will leave that in the cache. Teaches kids of all ages to share. We hit the dollar store and get little toys for the younger set. We drop something off, and move one of the treasures on to our next find.This page is Geocaching for GPS kids so how do you make it an interesting day for them? Going on a kid’s treasure hunt will keep the interest of most kids but what else might you do to keep it interesting?

As you plan a day or an hour for a GPS treasure hunt, think about the area where you are going. Will you be alongside of a stream, maybe out in the forest, or it could be in the middle of your home town. You can take this time to teach your children about their surroundings. In the spring bring along your wildflower guide or pick a brochure up at the local Chamber of Commerce, they often have paper guides.

We have guides in our office for flowers and birds. Teach your kids to see what is around them, identify that smell, see the trees what are they? A pile of animal scat, you know poop. What animal do you think might have been here an hour before? The opportunities are endless, berries in the fall, leaves falling, what tree did they come from?

A place to teach some history of an area is its grave yards. Here in the Graeagle area there are headstones dating to the middle of the 1800s. Families that mined gold and worked in the woods as loggers, will be found here. If you know some of an area’s history you can teach them a lot while searching on a kid’s treasure hunt. The treasures are really limitless, and not all are in a Geocache.

It is not uncommon to find a geo coin or a travel bug in one of the caches. Each of these have a number on them that you can go to and find where the coin or bug has traveled from to get into its current location. Now you have a geography lesson. You can also move the bug on to another cache and record which cache you placed it in when you record your finds at

One other important item you will need is a GPS. My suggestion is if you don’t have one and are not sure about how deeply you want to get into this game go over to they have a very inexpensive GPS that you can buy. The “Geomate.jr” It already has 250,000 Geocaches loaded on it and is just for Geocaching. It is around $70.00. When you get started and feel that you want to get something with more options give this one to one of the family members. It is always fun to hunt with more than one handheld GPS.

Here is a day trip that you can enjoy that has five caches, and many beautiful sites to see. Take a lunch along and enjoy a day in the High Sierra.The gps kids on a gps treasure hunting adventure have a very enjoyable day. Phyllis and I find a geo cache day to be very enjoyable. We have found around sixty caches so far, whether here in the mountains or on trips to the beach, or even in Los Angeles, there are always caches to be found.

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