The Best GPS Review Bar None

Here is the best GPS review source that I have found. If you are thinking of going GPS treasure hunting, but do not have a GPS, looking at others comments can help you make a good confident decision.

I am certainly not an expert in this field. There is a web site that I found that has what I feel are very sound, believable reviews. Thus my suggestion that this is the Best GPS Review site. If you will bear with me I would like to tell you my experience finding what I feel is the best handheld GPS for me.

My first experience was with a Garmin GPS. One of our campers here in the RV Park had a handheld Garmin Etrex. Which model I am not sure but we decided we would go out Geocaching. We went to the Geocaching web site and printed out five geo-caching locations within about a five mile radius of the park. Using the printed descriptions and the waypoints provided we found all five in less than an hour and a half. Oops, that was really fun! Now I am hooked.

The Garmin Etrex is a very basic unit that worked well for us that first trip out. The only thing I didn’t like was the sheaf of paper we had to carry with us to find the geocaches. Price point is much more reasonable than what I bought.

The second unit I had experience with was my nephews Magellan GPS. I won’t try to tell you which model it is because I don’t know for sure. It was a larger unit and had a large screen that made it easy to input the waypoints into the handheld GPS. It is also much easier to read the screen. Again the drawback is the load of paper that we carried with us to identify where the cache was hidden.

So on to the Best GPS Review site. I read the reviews on Amazon, reviews on manufacture sites and was not really happy with the results. Then quite by accident I came across this page, gps reviews, ok I’m game might as well read this review as well. BINGO straight up, the best handheld review that I had found.

From this Web site I determined that a Garmin GPS, the Colorado 300 was the one for me. A year ago it was the highly recommended choice, but like all electronics now there is something better. What I really like about the 300 is its ability to download all the Geo-cache information right to the GPS from, no more paper to carry. The accuracy of this unit is pretty good some times it gets me within a foot of the geocache and on others it may be five feet. Of course where there are trees it can mess up the signal of the unit a bit but that is the thrill and challenge of GPS treasure hunting.

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