Fun and Creative Geocaching Containers

What are the best Geocaching containers? Are you planning to hide some of your own geo caches? Here are a few of the containers that we have run across in our adventures, and how they were hidden.

We are really just novices at finding a geo cache. Even so we have run into a real variety. You go out hunting for a Geocache hide and you are apt to see just about every type of Geocaching containers you can imagine. Containers come in just about every size from the Nano, the Micro, the Regular, and I guess the large. The regular is what you see the most.

We have found several of the Nano size. They come as magnets that are attached to a fence, a metal road sign post, or a real small plastic tube with a lid to keep it dry. This type will have just a paper log for you to sign. It will say BYOP in the online directions for finding the geo cache. That means it is too small to have its own pen or pencil in the container so “bring your own pen”.

To the right is a picture of a Micro that we found on our way to the dentist one morning. If you have to go see the dentist you might as well mix some fun in with the visit I always say. It was hidden in the bottom of a stump. The GPS was jumping all over the place as we were in pretty good tree cover. This container is not the most water proof you will ever find but was well protected from the weather by the stump.

This picture shows you a very creative Geocache hide. Look at the top picture first, can you see the hiding spot? Now check out the other picture. I walked over this micro several times and so did Phyllis. We decided the GPS had to be reading wrong or someone had moved the cache. Not so! I kicked the little log to see if the container was under it and when it fell back in place low and behold it had slipped out of its hiding place and lay on the ground as big as you please. This was a park and grab cache. It was placed no more than two feet off the side of a paved parking area.We should have recognized this Geocacher’s style as the year before we were at the beach looking for one of his caches and kept walking back and forth over it and it turned out to be a piece of driftwood with a hole cut in the underside with a little door that the micro was hidden behind. It was just lying there on the sand.

Now here is a regular size cache although it is probably on the small size of regular. I really liked this one just for the creativity and where they put this Geocache hide. Again a park and grab at the end of the day. We were tired but I told Phyllis this was going to be easy. And you always have to get just one more because it is on the way home right?

The waypoint for this cache takes you right up to the tree. Now your geo sense tells you to look around the bottom of the tree to see where it could be hidden. Then you look up into the tree. Nothing, then from just the right angle you see something that makes you suspicious. Do I really have to crawl in under those branches, small space and a big guy! I did it twice just so I could show you this picture. What is a sailing ship doing in a tree? See the white thing sticking out of the middle of the ship. That is the pen for you to sign the ships log.The last is a sample of what I consider to be a large Geocaching containers. We found this cache a couple of weeks earlier and I wanted a picture of the cache for this page of our website. Unfortunately someone made off with the container so I couldn’t show you the contrast between a large and a micro. The hidden container was an ammo can replica just like its big brother shown here in the picture. Only it was about 2.5 inches long and inch wide and maybe an inch tall. Really a very cute hide, you had to look right at it to see. It was the second part of a multi cache puzzle.

So what you get is a picture of a fifty caliber ammo can that has not found a hiding place yet, and our Colorado 300 GPS.

If you are just considering getting into geocaching this will give you some idea of what you are looking for. Most geocaching containers are some type of plastic container that the lids seal down tight to keep the water out. It is really important that they stay dry. Arriving at a Geocache after walking a mile and having the log book be all wet so you can’t log your find is rather discouraging. Putting the log in a plastic seal able bag is a good second line of defense.

Always carry your own pen to sign logs, we find that the ones in the container may not work or have just evaporated from the scene somehow. If you are going to hide geocaching containers, think about a really nice location that gives a view or is a location that few know about but would really enjoy the find and the area. The setting is often a bigger reward than finding the container.

It is really fun to try to figure out the puzzle that came out of someones mind. We love this game just for where it takes us.

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